Optimize your chair with Eloflex accessories

Eloflex is one of the smartest electric wheelchairs in the market. Features such as lightweight, smart, compact and collapsible make it unique. With our accessories, you can make your Eloflex even smarter and adapt to your own individual needs.

The control is an arm and a bracket that allows you to mount the joystick on the backrest of your Eloflex. With the driver control, the driver behind or next to the wheelchair can use the joystick and the driver to seat. A perfect and demanded solution for older users and for certain disease states.

The headrest makes your Eloflex more personalized and useful, even for those users who need a little extra support for their head and neck. The headrest has great adjustment options and can be adapted to each individual and needs thanks to its smart attachment. With a headrest on your Eloflex you get a comfortable sitting and driving position.

The bag is the perfect accessory for those who want to be a little extra scared of your Eloflex when transporting, checking in on the flight or loading the car seat. The bag is black and made of durable nylon fabric. One for the bag over the Eloflex when the chair folds down and attaches it under the chair with velcro. There are two handles on the bag.

Eloflex original quick-release batteries are easy to replace. Powerful 24 volt high performance 9 AM lithium batteries (amp hours) provide fast charging time and long mileage. All Eloflex original batteries are tested and approved for air transport according to the UN32 international standard.

Our adjustable footrests with double fasteners allow you to mount the footplate in two different positions, thus giving different spacing between the footplate and the pad. Perfect for you with a little longer or a little shorter bone is a means. The distance adjustment is approximately 5 cm between the two fasteners. Eloflex footbags feature soft padding, anti-skid pad and an edge to keep the heel in place.

The roof of all Eloflex is removable and the case can be easily picked up and washed in the washing machine. Thanks to the dynamo’s standard dimensions it can be replaced with your own favorite pad or special pad. You can also add another Eloflex original doll if your own starts to get tired, or if you want one to change when the other is in the washing machine.

Contact us or any of our dealers for more information or to order an accessory.