If you already own an Eloflex power wheelchair or are considering getting one, you might have some questions. To assist you, we’ve gathered some of the most common inquiries from our customers. Simply click on the question to find the answer.

  • Regular service, as with a car, is not required, but basic maintenance steps can help extend the lifetime of your chair. Explore our “Tips & Tricks” on how to best care for your Eloflex. Learn more

  • All Eloflex power wheelchairs come with a two-year warranty. Please note that this warranty only applies to the original purchaser.

  • We get a lot of questions about charging the Eloflex. To help you in this area, check out our “Tips & Tricks,” section, which covers best charging practices. Read more

  • There are many ways to load an Eloflex into a car. We’ve outlined the four most common approaches in our “Tips & Tricks” section. For expert guidance on loading, click here.

  • When fully charged, the driving range of an Eloflex is a minimum of 30 km or about 5 hours of continuous mobility.

    In very cold temperatures (below zero), the normal travel distance may be slightly reduced.

  • No, it is remarkably simple. With a quick and smooth one-hand movement, you can fold it in 2 seconds.

  • Quality and durability are important to us at Eloflex. To ensure the highest standards, our folding power wheelchairs have been tested and certified by independent test institutes. For a more detailed overview of these tests, refer to your user manual.

  • If you find it too difficult to close and open the locking hooks on your Eloflex when you fold it, you can easily adjust this yourself. Follow the step-by-step instructions by clicking here.

  • Yes, you can adjust the backrest on most Eloflex models. Refer to the information on the respective model page for guidance.

  • Yes, the cover of the cushion is removable and washable, making it easy to keep your Eloflex cushion clean and fresh.