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    Our aim is to offer our users freedom and self-sufficiency – the possibility to a have an independent, active and joyful life, on the same terms as anyone else.

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The story of Eloflex is rooted in the experiences of individuals largely confined to wheelchairs who sought to redefine the playing field for an active and seamless life. The founders saw a clear need for a lightweight and powerful electric wheelchair that could effortlessly accompany them in their daily lives and travels. The result was a range of folding power wheelchairs that offered outstanding comfort, practicality and reliability – because everyone deserves the right to independence!

In a relatively short time, Eloflex has become a significant player in the assistive technology sector. Not only are our power wheelchairs in high demand, but they are also often prescribed through various healthcare reimbursement arrangements with the state and municipality, depending on the market. They are sold directly to end users through our network of dealers. 

Eloflex leads the market in the segment of foldable electric wheelchairs and is now available in 15 European countries. Since 2018, the company has proudly been a member of the Teqnion family, a Swedish industrial trading group with a strong tradition of innovation and service.


Today the original idea behind Eloflex might seem rather commonplace – a foldable electric wheelchair offering remarkable accessibility, impressive range and convenient transport in a car or on a plane. But when Eloflex was founded in 2015, the reality was starkly different. Back then, electric vehicles were completely new. The alternatives for individuals with mobility challenges were either manual wheelchairs or heavy traditional electric wheelchairs weighing several hundred kilos.

As wheelchair users themselves, our team experienced first-hand the challenges and limitations of life with a traditional power wheelchair. This prompted us to take matters into our own hands and embark on a journey towards smart material choices, lightweight design, superior seating comfort and, notably, a foldable frame. 

The outcome? The modern electric wheelchair now known as Eloflex – also called “The Original” – which has transformed the lives of many and continues to do so.


As part of our product development and through conversations with our users, we benefit greatly from the fact that we ourselves use Eloflex products every day. This deep understanding of what truly matters to wheelchair users informs our product range. It is the “guiding compass” for all development. 

When you choose an electric wheelchair from Eloflex, you can rest assured that you are investing in the best possible quality and service. We understand the importance of trusting your assistance gear. That is why we continuously strive to offer power wheelchairs tailored to your specific needs. Eloflex makes life easier, while we never compromise when it comes to safety and quality.


Our guiding principle is “freedom for all,” and our vision is that more individuals will experience an independent life thanks to Eloflex. This ethos is reflected in our diverse model range. Where others provide only a standard model, we proudly offer a range of variants adaptable to different users with varying conditions and needs. 

Eloflex is a young company, run and developed by dedicated people with strong drive. Our goal is to simplify the lives of individuals who have difficulty walking. Through our foldable electric wheelchairs, we restore freedom to users, enabling them to lead active lives. Increased independence is the key to enjoying life to the fullest. Eloflex is more than a product; it enables is a real change in people’s lives.

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Our extensive experience in wheelchair manufacturing gives us a significant advantage in developing our power wheelchairs. We have in-depth knowledge about driving characteristics, seating comfort, material selection and manufacturing methods, accumulated over the years, both as manufacturers and users. We apply all this valuable knowledge to our Eloflex models. 

We are proud of the quality of our products and offer guarantees on all our electric wheelchairs and accessories. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects that may occur. However, it’s important to note that the warranty does not cover damages caused by improper care, negligence, misuse, or damage unrelated to material or manufacturing defects. 

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We strive for the highest quality and precision in every detail of our products, with the goal that they will last a long time. While we create reliable electric wheelchairs capable of enduring intensive use for long hours, certain components may be subject to wear and tear over time.

That's why we always include warranty service with every purchases of an Eloflex. It’s part of our commitment to ensure that your power wheelchair continues to perform at its peak level. If you need service or spare parts, please contact the store where you purchased your wheelchair.

Together, we ensure that your wheelchair remains a reliable companion in your active life.

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Take a moment to explore our helpful tips and tricks! Learn more about your Eloflex, including how to care of your batteries and chair, what you need to know before traveling on a plane, and how to ensure your visibility in traffic during dark autumn evenings.

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions here.

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    How to best charge your Eloflex? Learn how to increase the life of your batteries and improve your range.

  • Bring Eloflex on a flight

    Eloflex power wheelchairs meet all IATA requirements for air travel. Here you can find information, tips and documents for your flight.

  • Loading Eloflex into a car

    One of the most common questions we get from our users is if we have any tips on how to easily load an Eloflex into the car. Below we have compiled the most common approaches.

  • Maintaining your Eloflex

    You don't have to send your Eloflex in for service, but a good way to extend the life of your power wheelchair is to maintain it according to our tips and instructions.


In certain circumstances, individuals may receive financial assistance or a prescription from their local council or healthcare region to acquire a powered wheelchair. Typically, it is the occupational therapist who assesses eligibility for obtaining a powered wheelchair through the healthcare region. This evaluation is linked to the specific 'needs' identified, often considering any previous assistive devices received.

If an occupational therapist does not recommend a powered wheelchair, there are alternative options. These may include purchasing one independently, securing financial support through installment plans offered by specific retailers, or seeking assistance from various funds committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

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At Eloflex, we are committed to safeguarding both the environment and your well-being. Our electric wheelchairs are not only practical and user-friendly, but also crafted with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

We take pride in our certifications that showcase our dedication to responsible management practices across all levels. Together, we aim to safeguard our shared world and contribute to a greener and more sustainable daily journey.

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  • Yes, Eloflex power wheelchairs comply with all air travel requirements of the International Air Travel Association (IATA). Prepare for your trip by checking the detailed information we’ve compiled in our “Tips & Tricks” section. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about procedure, regulations with a bit of our own travel experiences added, to make travelling an effortless experience. Click here to find out how to take your Eloflex on a flight.

  • There are many ways to load an Eloflex into a car. We’ve outlined the four most common approaches in our “Tips & Tricks” section. For expert guidance on loading, click here.

  • All Eloflex power wheelchairs come with a two-year warranty. Please note that this warranty only applies to the original purchaser.

  • We get a lot of questions about charging the Eloflex. To help you in this area, check out our “Tips & Tricks,” section, which covers best charging practices. Read more

  • When fully charged, the driving range of an Eloflex is a minimum of 30 km or about 5 hours of continuous mobility.

    In very cold temperatures (below zero), the normal travel distance may be slightly reduced.

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