On the walk with Eloflex

With Eloflex you can enjoy long walks in summer. Sun, nature and fresh air make good for both body and soul. With a folding wheelchair, you can continue to have an active life with walks, trips and excursions even if you get hard going. Eloflex gives you freedom back.

Watch our latest movie so you understand what makes Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs unique.

Folding and lightweight makes it easy to load into the car. Bring it in the caravan or on your trip by car, to the summer cottage or campsite, to greet friends and family or why not on holiday. You can also bring your Eloflex on the plane, on the train and on the bus journey.

Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to drive even in narrow places and through narrow doors. Modern technology, efficient batteries and powerful engines provide five hours of use and a mileage of over 30 km without charge.

At last, there is a practical and useful electric wheelchair that makes life a little easier. Experience the summer with Eloflex!