Bring your power wheelchair this summer

Eloflex folding electric wheelchair with light weight is easy to load into the car. Bring it to the summer house or campsite, in the motorhome or on the trip with the car. Now you can greet friends and family on your own terms.

You can also bring your Eloflex on the plane, on the train and on the bus journey. Eloflex takes place in the luggage of a regular taxi or car rental. A folding electric wheelchair is perfect for the holiday trip. Now you can return to an active life with walks, trips and excursions. More Eloflex is all possible … for everyone.

Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to drive even in narrow places and through narrow doors. In folding position, it is as small as a medium-sized suitcase. At last, there is a practical and useful electric wheelchair for those who have difficulty walking and wanting freedom back. With Eloflex, life becomes a little easier. Experience the summer with Eloflex!