Europe’s smartest electric wheelchair

Who wants to feel like the elephant in the room? The one who is in the way, shovel down things from the shelves of the store and the one that has to ask people at the restaurant to move on themselves, their chair and their table to give way for the  lumpy electric wheelchair?

Now it’s over! With a compact electric wheelchair from Eloflex you take as little space as a manual wheelchair.

Finally, now there is a small and smooth electric wheelchair that reaches narrow places and through narrow doors. Eloflex is a new generation of low-weight electric wheelchairs and only 60 cm wide. The turning radius is 80 cm so you get to any toilet. You fold it in a few seconds with a simple handle, which means it takes a bit of space both at home and in the car.

Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs are perfect for the trip with the car and you can easily take it on the flight on your holiday trip. Eloflex takes place in a regular taxi and you can store it in the wardrobe when you do not use it.