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There is a lot of happenings on and around the company Eloflex. Below you can find out about our latest news.
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Eloflex all the way to the altar

To me, Eloflex has become something of a rebirth that has taken us on amazing adventures. And now it has taken me all the way to the altar, perhaps the most amazing experience of all of them!

Tested and Approved

Quality and durability are important qualities for us at Eloflex. Therefore, we have let independent test institutes test and evaluate our folding electric wheelchairs. The result is clear, Eloflex has the highest quality and is approved regardless of the test.

On the walk with Eloflex

With Eloflex you can enjoy long walks in summer. Sun, nature and fresh air make good for both body and soul. With a folding wheelchair, you can continue to have an active life with walks, trips and excursions even if you get hard going. Eloflex gives you freedom back.

Bring your power wheelchair this summer

Eloflex folding electric wheelchair with light weight is easy to load into the car. Bring it to the summer house or campsite, in the motorhome or on the trip with the car. Now you can greet friends and family on your own terms.

Eloflex popular at the fair in Lyon

On 7, 8 and 9 June, Eloflex France made a strong impression on the visitors to the handicap fair "Salon Handica" at the Lyon Expo. Eloflex stand was one of the most visited at the whole fair, and our products received an extremely positive response.

Whit Eloflex in London

We received a holiday greeting from England this week. It was from Ewa-Marie who traveled to London with his Eloflex. She sounds like it's great to get on London's streets, museums and attractions.

Optimize your chair with Eloflex accessories

Eloflex is one of the smartest electric wheelchairs in the market. Features such as lightweight, smart, compact and collapsible make it unique. With our accessories, you can make your Eloflex even smarter and adapt to your own individual needs.

Succe at the Gothenburg fair

Thank you all of you who came to our booth at the Leva & Fungera fair in Gothenburg earlier this week. And thanks for all the praise and all the positive comments. We are obviously extremely pleased with the huge interest and the fantastic reception of our folding electric wheelchairs.

Europe’s smartest electric wheelchair

Finally, now there is a small and smooth electric wheelchair that reaches narrow places and through narrow doors. Eloflex is a new generation of low-weight electric wheelchairs and only 60 cm wide. The turning radius is 80 cm so you get to any toilet.

Eloflex in Norway

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs are now also available in Norway. Through our Norwegian distributor, Hjelpemiddeleksperten As, Eloflex is launched today, Monday, October 17th at the major Utilities Fair in Oslo.
Eloflex hopfällbara elrullstolar i Frankrike

Eloflex in France

Vive la France! Now there are Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs also in France.