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There is a lot of happenings on and around the company Eloflex. Below you can find out about our latest news.
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With Eloflex in Phuket

We received a holiday greeting from Thailand this week. It was from Tommy who left Eskilstuna and traveled to Phuket with his Eloflex. Judging by the pictures, there seems to be no need for either Tommy or the electric wheelchair.

New headrest for Eloflex

Now it has come, our proprietary headrest for Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs. The headrest is made of aluminum and therefore has a significantly lower weight than the previous model.

With Eloflex in South Africa

We received a holiday greeting from Cape Town this week. It was from Ewa-Marie and Christer who traveled to South Africa with his Eloflex. They are happy to see you easily around the city using an Eloflex.

Eloflex finally in Denmark

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs are now also available in Denmark. Through our Danish distributor Eloflex Denmark, our electric wheelchairs will be launched for Danish consumers from January 1, 2018.

New protection bag for Eloflex

We at Eloflex are sure to listen to our users and to receive feedback and suggestions. In the autumn we have received suggestions from your users on how to make our protective case better and we are now very pleased to be able to release a new improved bag.

Contributions for buying Eloflex

Congratulations, anyone who buys a folding electric wheelchair from Eloflex can get back 25% of the purchase price. Eloflex is covered by the government's new electric vehicle premium, which aims to promote climate-friendly electric vehicles such as electric bicycles and electric wheelchairs.

With Eloflex in China

We received a holiday greeting from China this week. It was from Sven Andersson who visited the great country to the east with his Eloflex. Sven driving over 90 km during his visit sounds like it's great to get up on the streets of China.

Huge success for Eloflex in Stockholm fair

The interest in Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs at the Aids Assistive Technology Fair in Kista earlier this week exceeded all expectations. Certainly, we had hoped for many visitors in our booth, but at times there would be a queue to test our wheelchairs, we had not dared to believe.

With Eloflex in Italy

We received a holiday greeting from Italy this week. It was from Marianne and Lars who traveled through Europe with his camper to extend the summer. Judging by the picture, there seems to be no need for either Marianne or the wheelchair in the sunny weather in Italy.

Hurtigruten with Eloflex Power Wheelchair

We received a holiday greeting from Norway this week. It was from May that went Hurtigruten with its Eloflex. She sounds good that it worked perfectly perfectly to ride the boat (MS Richard With) with a wheelchair from Eloflex.

Eloflex recommends Airshells

Are you going out to fly with your Eloflex? In that case, we would like to advise you on Airshells, a great way to protect your wheelchair when you check it on the flight. Airshells is a padded protective bag developed in cooperation with the leading airlines.

Eloflex is perfect for camping

Eloflex folding electric wheelchair is perfect for camping and for the trip with the camper. The low weight and folding design make it easy to load into your own car. The compact format means that it takes a bit of space and modern technology allows for walking in 5 hours and a range of 3 miles.