News: Model W

Eloflex W is a completely unique invention. An amazing caretaker system that is controlled by the movements of the person behind the electric wheelchair. Almost like magic! We call it intuitive caretaker management but in fact it is something as simple as a control handle that controls the movements of the electric wheelchair. What is unique is that no force is required to drive or steer the chair as the handle is motion sensitive and follows the slightest movement from the one behind.

Signals from the handle then control the electric wheelchair and causes it to move in exactly the same pattern as the one behind. The person who is driving the chair simply needs to place one hand on the controller and start walking. If you slowly move forward, the chair goes there too, you go fast the chair goes fast too. If you turn left or right, the chair will do the same and if you stop, the chair will stop.

Even in steep hills, the chair follows the movements of the driver, and when it goes down it automatically brakes. With the intuitive caretaker control, the chair follows every movement from the person who goes behind without the person in question having to spend any force to move the chair. This is the optimal caretaker management system.

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