News: Model H

Eloflex Model H is our most powerful model, especially designed for our heavier and taller users. A spacious chair with fantastic driving characteristics that can handle up to 200 kg.

With Eloflex model H we have done the impossible. A powerful electric wheelchair that can handle users up to 200 kg but which at the same time can be folded up and that you can take in a regular car. Model H is a spacious chair with plenty of room for the adult. Well-increased seat width, generous seat height and a design that provides comfortable riding position even for the very tallest means a flexible use.

Model H is a masterpiece with its outstanding design and quality. Maximum durability and robust design also make the model our most accessible chair. Large powerful tires all around, extra powerful motors and twice as powerful batteries provide superior performance and allows the user to access the most uneven surfaces.

Features like dual suspension, extra large footplate, air-filled tires all around, adjustable armrests, comfort cushion and room for up to three batteries are just some of the model’s features.

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