Eloflex L is our popular standard model that has been around since the beginning. With puncture-free wheels, small and compact size and light weight, it has been an appreciated model among our users. Now we have decided to make it even better.

Following the success of Model F, we have received many positive comments from our users who really like the smart footrest, the curved back tube and the ability to change the angle of the backrest.

Now we also apply these improvements to Model L. However, we leave the price untouched. The new and improved model L still costs only EUR 2.990.


Model L has now got a new smart footrest with dual joints, which means that it can be folded under the seat. In this way you avoid being in the way of entry and exit. The footrest can be mounted in two heights.


Model L now has an adjustable backrest that can be angled in three different fixed positions for optimum sitting comfort. The angle of the backrest is adjusted with a simple grip for increased seating variation.


For increased sitting comfort, the Model L now has a back tube that is rounded so that it does not touch your back when sitting in the chair. This provides better ergonomics and a more comfortable sitting position.