Eloflex all the way to the altar

Fredrik from Gothenburg has heard of us and told us a wonderful story that we would like to share with us. How to write Fredrik:

“Eloflex has opened a whole new world for me after I became wheelchair-bound. Not only can I come out with the car on both the one and the other adventures. The chair is handy and is good for transport in your own car. We have also given us on exciting trips to Spain and to Borneo. Eloflex is excellent for carrying luggage on the airplane, thanks to its relatively light weight and battery design, which is allowed on flights.

To me, Eloflex has become something of a rebirth that has taken us on amazing adventures. And now it has taken me all the way to the altar, perhaps the most amazing experience of all of them! ”

We at Eloflex are both proud and moved that we can participate and influence, and improve the lives of our users. Our goal has since been to provide people who have difficulty retiring. Feedback as this testifies to our success.

We are happy to congratulate you Fredrik. Thank you for sharing your story and driving carefully in the future.