Whit Eloflex in London

We received a holiday greeting from England this week. It was from Ewa-Marie who traveled to London with his Eloflex. She sounds like it’s great to get on London’s streets, museums and attractions.

Ewa-Marie has previously been in both Barcelona and the Canary Islands, trips and experiences that have not been possible without Eloflex folding electric wheelchair. Eloflex is amazing according to Ewa-Marie, thanks to it, one is in the gang again when traveling. In the summer, a new trip is planned, this time to Italy.

Eloflex is a folding and smooth, low-weight electric wheelchair that easily takes you on the airplane. Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to drive even in narrow places and through narrow doors. In folding position it is as small as a medium sized suitcase, and the low weight means you can easily load it in the taxi on the journey or in your own car.

Modern technology, dual batteries and advanced engines provide a mileage of over 30 km (5 hours of continuous driving) on ​​a single charge. At last, there is a practical and useful electric wheelchair for those who have difficulty walking and wanting freedom back. With Eloflex, life becomes a little easier. Maybe it’s time to book your next trip?

Where would you travel if you had an Eloflex?