New headrest for Eloflex

Now it has come, our proprietary headrest for Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs. The headrest is made of aluminum and therefore has a significantly lower weight than the previous model.

The headrest makes your Eloflex more personalized and useful, even for those users who need a little extra support for their head and neck. The headrest has great adjustment options and can be adapted to each individual and needs thanks to its smart attachment. With a headrest on your Eloflex you get an even more comfortable sitting and driving position.

The new headrest fits all Eloflex models and the smart attachment on the back of the backrest allows the chair to collapse even when the head restraint is still fitted. This makes use simple and smooth. The headrest can be adjusted both vertically, forward and backwards, and you can even change its angle, everything to suit every unique individual and every conceivable need.

The head restraint costs 995 kr incl. VAT and can be bought through one of our dealers or directly by Eloflex.