Eloflex in Norway

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs are now also available in Norway. Through our Norwegian distributor, Hjelpemiddeleksperten As, Eloflex is launched today, Monday, October 17th at the major Utilities Fair in Oslo.

The demand for Eloflex folding electric wheelchairs is already high in Norway and many Norwegian consumers have heard of Eloflex in Sweden with the question of where in Norway one can try and buy Eloflex. It is therefore extra gratifying that we can now present our cooperation with the Hjelpemiddeleksperten As.

Hjelpemiddeleksperten As is one of Norway’s leading suppliers and distributors of technical facilities for people with disabilities throughout Norway. The company’s head office is located in Stjørdal and has a branch office in Oslo. There are a total of six sales centers across Norway.

Hjelpemiddeleksperten As has many years of experience and expertise regarding technical assistance for displacement aimed at people with disabilities and disabilities.

The launch of Eloflex takes place in the Hjelpemiddeleksperten stand at the Oslo fair. This is the fourth time that Norway’s Disability Federation is implementing Hjälpemiddelmessa Øst. This time you bet more than ever at Norway’s Varemesse at Lillestrøm!

For more information about the Hjelpemiddeleksperten, visit http://h-e.no/