With Eloflex in France

We received a holiday greeting from La Rochelle this week. It was from Arlette and her husband who visited the French Atlantic coast with their Eloflex. They tell us it works fine on the old cobbled streets down the harbor and that it was easy to look around the city with the help of Eloflex. There were many walks every day and a lot of trips with the rental car because you can easily fold up and load an Eloflex into a regular car.

La Rochelle is a beautiful place, well known for the recordings of the Prisoners at the fort. Here you enjoy seafood from the sea and good wines from the region. With an Eloflex you get the freedom back and you can continue to travel and live an active life even if you have difficulty walking.

Eloflex is a folding and flexible lightweight electric wheelchair that you can easily take on the flight. Thanks to its compact format, it is easy to drive even in tight places and through narrow doors. In a folded position, it is as small as a medium-sized suitcase, and the low weight means that you can easily load it into your own car.

Modern technology, dual batteries and advanced engines provide a driving distance of over 30 km (5 hours continuous driving) on ​​a single charge. Finally, there is a practical and useful electric wheelchair that makes life a little easier.

Where would you travel if you had an Eloflex?