With Eloflex in Africa

We received a holiday greeting from South Africa this week. It was from Karin who wanted to tell us how incredibly happy she was to have bought an Eloflex and that she could not have made this dream trip without her foldable electric wheelchair.

Karin and her husband drove an RV in South Africa for two weeks to visit attractions such as the Krüger Park, Blyde River Canyon and an African village. With their Eloflex they managed without any major problems and it also worked well to bring the Eloflex into the RV

Karin tells us that Eloflex really gilds her life and her husband’s life, who now doesn’t have to struggle with driving around in a manual wheelchair as before. The electric wheelchair equipped with a headrest was also used as a comfortable chair during the trip. The flights to and from South Africa also went smoothly.

Eloflex is a lightweight folding electric wheelchair that you can easily take on a flight and in a regular car. Thanks to its compact format, it is easy to drive even in tight places and through narrow doors. Modern technology, dual batteries and advanced engines provide a driving distance of over 30 km (5 hours continuous driving) on ​​a single charge. Finally, there is a practical and useful electric wheelchair for those who have difficulty walking and who want their freedom back. With Eloflex, life becomes a little easier.

Where would you travel if you had an Eloflex?