Eloflex test at Versaille in France

We brought an Eloflex model L-Plus to Versaille outside Paris to test and evaluate. It was with great pleasure that we found out that it had no problems with the rough cobblestones, the loose gravel paths, the steep slopes and the 42 km long hillsides.

Eloflex gave an invaluable freedom and gave the opportunity to cross the 8 million square meter garden. We met with many envious and impressive views from other visitors who walked on foot in the park. After seven hours of tourism at Versaille, the battery indicator had only dropped to half.

Even inside the castle itself, Eloflex worked without a remark, and it was easy to travel even in tight places without feeling in the way. The entire castle and all the rooms were accessible to wheelchair users and the nice staff helped with moving between the floors using hidden elevators.

Eloflex is a folding low-weight electric wheelchair that you easily take on the flight and in a regular car. Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to drive even in narrow places and through narrow doors. Modern technology, dual batteries and advanced engines provide a mileage of over 30 km (5 hours of continuous driving) on ​​a single charge. At last, there is a practical and useful electric wheelchair for those who have difficulty walking and wanting freedom back. With Eloflex, life becomes a little easier.