Lets cruise with Eloflex

We received a holiday greeting from Ingemar in Kungälv this week. He was just returned from an amazing cruise across the Atlantic along with his Eloflex. First flight to Florida, then an exciting boat trip back with Crown Princess (Princess Cruises). How to write Ingemar in his favor:

A few months ago I bought an Eloflex L-Plus and now I would take it on my first trip. I was, of course, excited to see how it would work in practice.

Now, having flown to Florida and then enjoying a cruise across the Atlantic, I can say that everything worked perfectly. Cruise ship Crown Princess departed from Fort Lauderdale to stay in places like Madeira, Gibraltar, Cartagena and Palma de Mallorca on their journey.

It was a wonderful cruise with calm weather and amazing experiences, all made possible thanks to the Eloflex. On the fantastic ship, my Eloflex worked perfectly, and I easily walked around among restaurants and dining rooms, shopping, theater and clearly on the deck.

The epllex was also perfect every time we went landing. It gave me the opportunity to see me in the cities, and to follow organized excursions and some of my own ideas. The local taxi drivers who first said “no no” always looked like a sun and said “say say” after seeing me collapse the chair.

I can only say that an Eloflex really gives freedom. It is worth every penny. I have nothing to complain about.