Contributions for buying Eloflex

Congratulations, anyone who buys a folding electric wheelchair from Eloflex can get back 25% of the purchase price. Eloflex is covered by the government’s new electric vehicle premium, which aims to promote climate-friendly electric vehicles such as electric bicycles and electric wheelchairs.

The premium applies retroactively to purchases made after September 20, 2017 and the application can be submitted to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency as of February 1, 2018. For example, the prize means that you who buy an Eloflex L-Plus will receive 8 247 SEK back. The new price of an Eloflex L-Plus after deduction of premium will thus be 24 742 SEK incl. VAT (regular price 32 990 kr).

Electrical bike and electrical wheelchair

More electric bikes, electric scooters and other light electric vehicles can improve the conditions for commuting and transporting climate-friendly and accessible, even over a bit more distance. The government expects that the new electric cycle premium will provide a transfer of car-to-electric bikes.

The research shows that electric bicycles are a substitute for cars. Everyone must no longer have a ton of steel at home on the driveway to get around, says environmental minister Karolina Skog.

If more people use light electric vehicles instead of cars, global resource use and climate emissions can decrease. They can also contribute to better public health.

The government allocates 350 million kronor per year in the 2018-2020 period for the prize.

  • The prize is aimed at individuals who have reached the age of 18 years.
  • The prize can be used once per person.
  • The prize applies to the buyer of a new electric bicycle and electric motor. Some vehicles intended for use by persons with physical disabilities are covered by the prize, which includes the folding electric wheelchairs from Eloflex.
  • The prize does not include segway, electric scooter or hoverboard.
  • The electric vehicle must be identified with the frame number of the receipt or other action.
  • The vehicle shall be CE marked (or have the corresponding marking).
  • The prize corresponds to 25 percent of the purchase price including VAT, the maximum amount for the grant is 10,000 kronor.