Eloflex is perfect for camping

Eloflex folding electric wheelchair is perfect for camping and for the trip with the camper. The low weight and folding design make it easy to load into your own car. The compact format means that it takes a bit of space and modern technology allows for walking in 5 hours and a range of 3 miles.

You can also take Eloflex on the plane, the train and the bus. This is Sweden’s smartest electric wheelchair that gives you freedom back. Now you can book the trip, go on holiday, have family and friends with your own car. Now you do not have to travel service, disability transport and public transportation. Now you can decide yourself.

Eloflex is easy to drive in narrow places and through narrow doors and has good driving skills even on uneven surfaces. At last, there is a practical and useful electric wheelchair that makes life a little easier for those who have difficulty walking. Return to an active life with Eloflex!