Around the world with Eloflex

Eloflex gives you freedom, Jakob can attest that. He brought his Eloflex and made a dream trip with his wife Riitta. Various flights took them to places like Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley, San Francisco, Yosemite and Honolulu in Hawaii. From there it was a cruise to Vancouver, Canada.

None of this would have been possible without an Eloflex electric wheelchair. Jakob, 53, from Nyköping in Sweden, has been diagnosed with primary progressive MS for nine years. In 2018, Jakob bought an Eloflex and since then it has become several exciting trips to places like Rome, Athens, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and now to the USA and Canada. This autumn, a trip to China and Japan is planned.

The compact size and folding design make Eloflex the optimal travel chair. It is easy to bring in a rental car and regular taxi, it takes up a little space in the hotel rooms, it is easy to drive both inside and out and accessibility is unbeatable, even on uneven ground.

But best of all is the independence and sense of freedom. Dual batteries provide a long driving distance so you can be active from morning to evening. Flight-approved batteries and light weight made the air travel problem-free. Jakob says that he sparked great interest wherever he came with his Eloflex. Jakob booked his trip through BIG-Travel.