eloflex foldable power electric wheelchair portable compact
eloflex foldable power electric wheelchair portable compact
eloflex foldable power electric wheelchair portable compact

A lightweight wheelchair for all occasions

Eloflex is a smart, next-generation powered wheelchair for types of users. It does not matter whether you’re young or old, strong or weak. With an Eloflex, you get an extended level of freedom and avoid having to depend on others.

Eloflex hopfällbar elrullstol frihet

Independent freedom

It’s easy to understand how an Eloflex can have a positive impact on many people’s everyday lives. Lightweight, electric and collapsible, it overcomes many of the obstacles associated with standard electric chairs and opens up a range of new possibilities. In the past, transporting a traditional wheelchair was next to impossible since they weigh between 80-150 kg and are not foldable.

With its compact design and the high driving comfort, Eloflex places no limits on your travel goals. Easily maneuverable around the park, in town, stores, cafés or restaurants, it empowers you to take charge of the situation. No wider than regular manual wheelchair, you can squeeze into small spaces, toilettes and through narrow doors – something that was previously impossible with your electric scooter or traditional powered wheelchair. In short, a versatile and lightweight electric vehicle for all.

Active users

Eloflex is a perfect “extra chair” for manual wheelchair users who are looking for a smooth riding, electric-powered wheelchair to load into the car and use on the go. The high level of comfort, low weight and flexible, compact design give you the same opportunities as your manual wheelchair.

Weak users

Are you lacking in energy or recovering from an illness? Or maybe you have a neuromuscular disease that makes it hard to roll your manual wheelchair for longer distances? With Eloflex you get your freedom back and avoid depending on someone to push you around. At the same time, you retain the flexibility that gives you full access to cafes, restaurants, shops and toilets.

Older users

Eloflex is the perfect electric wheelchair for elderly users who want to take a ride in the park. The flexible positioning of the joystick allows the person sitting in the chair to drive with left or right hand, or be placed on the backrest * so that whoever is next to you can control the chair. Eloflex wheelchairs are available in two sizes and are suitable for all users. High seating comfort, a comfortable footrest and the ability to fold away armrests and footrest is appreciated by all.

On the go

In the folded position, Eloflex is as small as an ordinary suitcase. It also weighs no more than 26 kg, making it easy to bring along on trips. Regardless of whether you’re planning to travel with your own car, take a flight or enjoy a bus ride with friends, your Eloflex can always come along. Upon arrival at the destination, you’ll appreciate the freedom of having your own Eloflex.

What makes Eloflex unique

Modern and surprisingly practical, Eloflex is like no other electric wheelchair on the market.
The design is lightweight, flexible and foldable – just like a powered wheelchair should be.

Low weigh

An Eloflex weighs three to five times less than a traditional powered wheelchair.


In just seconds, you can fold up your Eloflex and be ready to go.

Modern technology

The frame, battery and motor are based on state-of-the-art technology.

Modern materials

Equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame, Eloflex offers a superior level of durable performance.

Compact size

Eloflex is the only electric wheelchair that is as sleek and compact as a manual wheelchair.

Long range

Lightweight modern batteries and a powerful motor provide a range of 30 km.

* Vårdarstyrning kräver hållare som säljs som tillbehör.

Eloflex is a power wheelchair with unique features that make it easy to use, smart, compact and foldable. Watch our films so you can understand what differentiates Eloflex from traditional wheelchairs.