Eloflex recommends Airshells

Are you going out to fly with your Eloflex? In that case, we would like to advise you on Airshells, a great way to protect your wheelchair when you check it on the flight. Airshells is a padded protective bag developed in cooperation with the leading airlines.

Eloflex is perfect for camping

Eloflex folding electric wheelchair is perfect for camping and for the trip with the camper. The low weight and folding design make it easy to load into your own car. The compact format means that it takes a bit of space and modern technology allows for walking in 5 hours and a range of 3 miles.

Eloflex all the way to the altar

To me, Eloflex has become something of a rebirth that has taken us on amazing adventures. And now it has taken me all the way to the altar, perhaps the most amazing experience of all of them!